HDFS Web Interface

HDFS exposes a web server which is capable of performing basic status monitoring and file browsing operations. By default this is exposed on port 50070 on the NameNode. Accessing http://namenode:50070/ with a web browser will return a page containing overview information about the health, capacity, and usage of the cluster (similar to the information returned by bin/hadoop dfsadmin -report).

The address and port where the web interface listens can be changed by setting dfs.http.address in conf/hadoop-site.xml. It must be of the form address:port. To accept requests on all addresses, use

From this interface, you can browse HDFS itself with a basic file-browser interface. Each DataNode exposes its file browser interface on port 50075. You can override this by setting the dfs.datanode.http.address configuration key to a setting other than Log files generated by the Hadoop daemons can be accessed through this interface, which is useful for distributed debugging and troubleshooting.

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